well i havent writen a post in a long time and prob will not after this since eightth grade is over=[ But i’m sitting here with my best friend melissa (melissaa09.edublogs.org) and we are VERY bored so we thought we would write a post. So far my summers been pretty good…even though its already half over=[ so sad. can you believe ill be going to high school tihs fall?? im so nervous. melissa is too. well i guess thats all we are really gonna say since theres not much else…buh-bye edublogs!!

A real hero?

“What type of person comes to your mind when you hear somebody talk about a “Real Hero”?” What are the qualities and who is one person you would consider to be a hero today.

 When a person thinks of a hero most think of superman or batman, a fictional character. When i think of a hero i think of someone who makes a difference in your life. Someone who is a good person that is willing to help, wherever they are. Someone who is willing to risk there life to save someone else’s. Also, a person who makes an impact in someone else’s life (for the better). A hero isn’t a person who can fly and fight crime, it is a normal person who can slowly but surely change the world.

more or less democratic???

Personally ithink the government should become more democratic to make things equal for everyone, which means makeing the governemnt more democratic. If the government was more democratic things would become more equal for everyone and everywhere!!!! we would also get more say in the governemnt. Instead of us voting for the representatives voting for us, we would get our voice heard, instead of haveing someelse speech for us. those are some of the reasons for making the government more equal. 


If the electoral college was abolished… what should the qualifications be to vote in a presidential election?

I think you should be 18 years or older. You cant have any criminal background, and MUST have graduated high school. If the person meets all of these requirements, they all welcome to vote.

~~~~HAPPY VOTING!!!!!!~~~~

Most dangerous thing?

What is the most dangerous thing you can say to someone? well depending on the reason this anwser may vary but i think it is Goodbye. You never know how the person might react to it. They might become violent. Or they could be left heartbroken, which could lead to dangerous things.

Shades of Pink♥

♥♥Pink may just be a color to some people

but to others

it is a symbol of life.

to others it means love

or maybe it is just a nice color that you enjoy to wear.

whatever your feeling is, remember pink is a statment♥♥

Trail of tears poem!!!

In my social studies class we were assigned a project. We were to pick an image and a person in the image we choe. We where then suppost to write a poem about how they must have felt while on the trail of tears. If you were up for a challenge you were to pick two people from the image, but the catch is this. When you read the poem down itt was in one persons perspective and if you read it in reverse it was in the other persons perspective. My partner and i were up for the challenge… hope you like it!!!!!

Staying strong

traveling as a pack

we are

yet being torn apart.

with every step we take

another tear rolls down our cheek

leaving our lands

we are

to make room for the europeans

feeling alone

 on the path of lost hope

 an owl is flying above us



what we need



What inspires me?

Anyone and everyone inspires me. Whether it be the music i hear or the television show i am watching. Everything i see, hear, touch, smell, or taste inspires me to do something new. For example if i hear a good song i would most likely start to dance. If i smell french fries or good food, i will probably make something to eat.